Olivier Martelly's

Some Thoughts On Olivier Martelly

Music began in the ancient days, and this inspiring form of entertainment continues to be practiced today. People use it for many different reasons, to sooth their emotions and feelings, and to have fun while listening to the creativity of the artists and listening to their sweet melodies. Today, all around the world, there are many musical artistes performing. A great example is a favorite Haitian pop artiste, Olivier Martelly.

Concerning Olivier Martelly

A Haitian singer is who Olivier is and he goes by the stage name the BigO. Haiti was where he was born. Michek Martelly, Haiti's 56th president, is his father and Sophia Saint-Remy Martelly is his mother.

It was at a very young age that Olivier began his career in music, and his continuing great music soon earned him the "BigO" nickname. Because it contained a unique blend of Haitian beats, his music truly inspired people all around the world. And when during the presidential campaign, a song he produced for the candidate Jovenel Moise became a huge success, fame came his way in a big way!

Still More Olivier Successes

Olivier is the sort of person who, away from his music career, would do anything for the family he has and who he loves so much. These feelings were the beginning of his recognizing the place in his heart that became concerned with many of the worlds less fortunate children. This was the basis of the well flourishing company he built making many unfortunate children's dreams actually come true!

Olivier participated in many different activities as a young child growing up including playing soccer and martial arts. These activities kept him in check at all times and also very busy. He even was able to attain the martial arts highest point when he gained his black belt. The soccer that he excelled in helped him reach those goals he had set for himself as a child. These activities also taught him how best to interact with other people, and taught him how to be an important component of a team effort. He has fashioned through his experiences how best to make every experience better by any previous mistakes that might have been made.